Local DJ Baysik on Tropical Bass, Sazon Libre, and His Medical Road to Recovery

While local DJ Baysik’s nickname stemmed from an aversion to school work, the young up-and-coming DJ’s approach to his music is anything but lazy. Starting his DJ career at the age of 13 in a family full of selectors, he was particularly mentored by his cousin DJ Quest, who taught him everything from holding a needle to nightlife etiquette.

Today, he is a resident of Sazon Libre and Rebel Pop Radio on WiLD 9.49, and is gaining attention for his signature edits and remixes. We chatted with Baysik about his Bay-centric name, favorite genres, and recent health complications. Catch him a variety of gigs this weekend starting tonight Thursday, July 21 at Social Study, Friday, July 22 at Bamboo Hut, and Saturday, July 23 with Sake One at Luka's Taproom in Oakland. There will also be a fundraiser for Baysik's health funds next Thursday, July 28 at Madrone Art Bar

[jump] How did you come up with your DJ name Baysik?
I came up with the name Baysik from being a lazy student. School was never my favorite and doing homework was far under that. I remember my teacher calling me out in front of the whole class and telling me that my work was basic. Being young I kind of ran with that name not knowing one day I would grow to love it. After months with that name, doodling around with it, I came up with a play on words. Being born and raised in San Francisco my goal was always to put on for the Bay, hence “Bay-sik.”

What genres of music are you currently championing?
Let me start by saying I love all types of different music. I still consider myself an open format DJ. But I love playing tropical bass. Something about it … moves people even people that don't understand it, come into a party and they just feel it. From reggeaton to dancehall to cumbia and salsa, all remixed in today’s modern EDM form. I've learned to grasp the tropical bass genre and been lucky enough make my own remixes for artist as well as my own edits for fun that have helped out other DJs in their sets. 

Walk us through your first DJ experience.

My first DJ experience was DJing my eighth grade middle school dance. As a kid I was excited to have the teacher trust me to DJ for my friends, and it was pretty cool too showing off in front of them only because O was never a confident kid growing up. Weeks leading up to the actual gig, with tons of preparation I show up to school with equipment on hand. Backtrack … at this point none of my equipment was labeled “professional.” I was rocking my dad’s 1990-something amp with two stereo home speakers. In my head I knew I was the one, only to start my eighth grade school dance and have my amp blow out on me in the middle of the party. Having my friends boo me as well as teachers, was something I will never forget. Luckily enough our computer lab teacher had a second amp that he let me borrow. After a 30-minute intermission hearing crickets, the music was back on and I was lucky enough that I didn’t get tomatoes thrown at me. 

How did you get involved in the Sazon Libre family?

Funny story this question goes back in time to me being 17, DJing at a restaurant in the downtown S.F. There I met Diego, one of the most humble and knowledgeable people you can meet in this world. We automatically hit it off talking about DJing only to find out he was a DJ, DJ Mr. Lucky, ever since that day our friendship has grown. Mr. Lucky as well as Christian from the WingWings Crew started a day party at El Rio called Sazon Libre. I was asked to open for one of the events benefiting Huckleberry House, and after a successful event I was invited to DJ the next month and the next month and the month after that. I became the resident DJ, with a crew who appreciates the tropical bass movement as well as the crowed that shows up. I can honestly say Sazon Libre has become one of my favorite parties, not only to DJ but attend as well. It is definitely something to check out every second Monday of the month as well as the fifth Sundays. Big shout out to Mr.Lucky, Christian and Carlo with The Red Hair!

You recently experienced some health complications, and the SF nightlife family is rallying around you to raise some funds. How is your health currently?
I was in the hospital for about three weeks due to some colon complications. Sadly to say the surgery didn’t go as planned, I’m on waitlist for my second surgery in October-November. Having to stay in the hospital for that amount of time has left me with a hospital bill and working as a DJ without insurance at that time you can only imagine how much the total is. I was extremely grateful that my friends in the nightlife scene as well as family have started fundraisers at parties as well as donating money on Go Fundme to get some of the debt off my back. I’m extremely thankful so many people have came out and helped me in my time of need and can say that with so many people holding me down its not such a scary situation as when this whole thing started.

You're also garnering quite some attention for your mailing list. When did you start making edits?
I started making edits and remixes about three years ago. I was never really confident in production to put them out. Last year I met a really good friend, Isaac Jordan, who in my opinion is one of the pioneers in the edit/record pool game. After hanging out with him awhile, he showed me that I needed to put myself out there more and have my name be recognized by other DJs as well as producers. It really hit close to me as I was struggling to get more gigs in my own city. I started my own mailing list in September of 2015. I send free edits/ remixes to anybody who wanted to hear them; most of audience is DJs and music lovers. The pack always consisted of about 20-plus tracks that I love and play at parties but sometimes as a DJ your favorite song needs a harder kick, or a harder bass line, which is what I’ve been trying to do. I started off with five people on my mailing list and I’m happy to say that I have over 180 e-mails I send to a month, from club, wedding, to DJs with Grammys supporting my edits/remixes. I’m glad to say more gigs have been coming my way since.

Put together your DJ dream team. Who would it consist of?
My dream team would be a bunch of friends of mine consisting off, Mr. Lucky, Sake One, Isaac Jordan, Santero, Theory, Cutso, Umami, and Mr.E. I’ve seen each and every one of these DJs rock a party plenty of times and never has one set been the same, also they are all really, really dope!

What's your number one summer jam?
“Party Animal” by Charly Black ft.Maluma. This tune is one of the key summer joints in my opinion.

Finally, when can we catch you on Rebel Pop Radio in Wild 94.9?
Shout out to Cutso and Truthlive they have been driving Rebel Pop Radio on Wild 94.9 from 12am-2am every Saturday night. Excited to say I am the newest resident DJ to the show submitting mixes every month. I’ll be airing some new material soon! Until then you will have to stay tuned every Saturday night.

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