Local Startup Kids Do a “Royals” Parody, Completely Miss Point of Lorde Song

Lorde's “Royals,” which has now been on top of the singles charts for four weeks running, is a song about not having much money, and not minding that. In case you haven't heard it enough to know: “Every song's like Gold teeth/ Grey Goose/ Tripping in the bathroom,” the New Zealand 16-year-old sings. “We don't care/ We're driving Cadillacs in our dreams.”

It's pretty clear right? So clear that you'd think the smartypants at Silicon Valley startup accelerator 500 Startups would get the message — and thus maybe not directly contradict it in a parody celebrating the amassing of wealth (and, of course, themselves). But that's exactly what some members of the latest 500 Startups class just did. Some sample lines:

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