Lost in the Night: ESG Goes Out With a Bang at Mezzanine

No Way back Presents ESG


Saturday, March 3

“It's perfect, they play it all perfect. Now everyone'll get to go and say they saw them and you can file it away and tell people 'I was there, maaaan.'” This was the warning given to me by a friend when I told him I was headed to ESG's farewell show last Saturday at the Mezzanine. Granted, he has a point: There's something questionable about old bands that reform and tour for the sake of profiting off nostalgia. Yet, in this case, I'm not sure if it's such an issue: ESG has been going strong since its re-incarnation in the early '00s, and in the 34 years since the ladies started, they've never given way to the bloated excesses that often comes with commercial success. In fact, listen to their latest material, and you'll find that it sounds strikingly similar to the music they've always made. Also important is that ESG is calling it quits, rather than trying to restart a career.

Fittingly, last Saturday saw the group do what it has always done best, as the members played a much-anticipated show in San Francisco on the final tour before the end of their run.

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