Lost in the Night: O.K. Hole Says Goodbye to Amnesia, Matias Aguayo Lights Up Icee Hot

O.K. Hole // Icee Hot presents Matias Aguayo

Amnesia // Public Works OddJob Loft

Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013

There was a time, not too long ago, when San Francisco had more than a handful of small, divey dancefloors that acted as a low-budget alternative to the city's glossier club scene. Usually, you could go to those places, pay a cheap cover (or no cover), and hear music played by locals. They had a laid-back vibe based on the simple fun of partying in a grimey environment. Those days have mostly come to a halt, with previous staples — like 222 Hyde and the basement at Li Po Lounge — shut down for one reason or another. Despite the general trend, one venue that's still going strong is Amnesia, a small beer and wine bar in the Mission that regularly plays host to all kinds of crazy events, one of which was O.K. Hole, a monthly event dedicated to weird sounds and hardware performances that held its final party at the bar on Saturday.

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