M.I.S., Tommy Guerrero, and Money Mark at Makeout Room

Cumbia is the new Afrofunk/Batucada/Baile funk/Bhangra/Reggaeton. Hipsters have embraced the quirky Latin dance music, just as they did other global sounds of recent note, with open arms. If you need further evidence of that, you shoulda been at the Makeout Room last Saturday night, when a live set by the Mexican Institute of Sound preceded El Kool Kyle y Roger Mas' weekly “El Superrrrrrritmo!!!” cumbia DJ night. (Listen to a preview of M.I.S.' album Soy Sauce here .)

M.I.S. head honcho Camilo Lara was joined by special guest Money Mark, aka Keyboard Money Mark of Beastie Boys fame, for a raucous set which was punky in energy yet traditional in flavor. At one point, Money Mark held up a skateboard and announced the presence of local hero–and Mission district muse–Tommy Guerrero, who jumped onstage and tapped out the rhythm to Toni Basil's “Mickey” on a drum machine, over which Lara added vocals and MM supplied squealing synth runs. As if that wasn't enough, M.I.S.' short yet sweat-drenched set was followed by local bilingual emcee Duece Eclipse (Zion-I/Bangdata/J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science) who showcased some of the Spanish language cumbiaton tracks he's been working on with El Kool Kyle. All this for only five bones at the door. No wonder the hipsters are all up on this trend–it's kind of like a meal at a taco truck: cheap, filling, and tasty.

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