Matmos: Show Preview

Soon after M.C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel got to know one another around 1994, the pair started Matmos, an avant-garde electronic outfit that plays with music's possibilities and perceptions. The former S.F. (now Baltimore) group has utilized rat cages, Bible pages, medical procedures, hair, hot tubs, latex wear, rock salt, and barking dogs to concoct its recordings, melding those novelty instruments with regular ones (guitar, banjo, drums) and poppy, dance-oriented inclinations. Matmos scored 2012's The Ganzfeld EP using parapsychological experiments that involved sensory deprivation, telepathic communication, and white noise. Next to that, Matmos' new and less conceptual (but still strange) LP, The Marriage of True Minds (whose title surely nods to Shakespeare's Sonnet 116), seems almost benign.

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