Maximo Park: Show Preview

Never doubt the allure of a mystery concocted by Maxïmo Park. “I visit South America via a dead man's words/Undercover priests and barren parks/I visit through a different man's images/Exercising in his underwear, laminating the past,” Paul Smith sings to start “I Recognise The Light,” a wistful track off Too Much Information, the English five-piece's fifth and latest full-length. What exactly do those lines — and the rest of the track, for that matter — really mean? It's anyone's guess … and that's a good thing. The indie-pop outfit's consistent insistence on being esoteric is its biggest upside. Whether it's discussing trust and affection on “Give, Get, Take,” analyzing entropy and the human mind on the spare “Brain Cells,” or crafting an autumnal love song like “Drinking Martinis,” Maxïmo Park routinely delivers engaging, semi-cryptic tunes that demand brainpower and repeated listens to flesh out. Letting your imagination fill in those gaps may take some effort, but it's worth it.

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