Mean Jeans: Show Preview

Punk rock can be an immensely powerful weapon of change, with fiery guitars and drums creating intense, perspective-shaking expressions of the human condition. Alternately, punk can be used to par-tay, which Mean Jeans cares about way more than any sociopolitical rigmarole. On its Facebook page, the Portland, Ore., three-piece swears by the perfectly dopey genre of “Cool Punk.” Musically, that translates to giddy pop hooks, plenty of “Whoa-oh” gang vocals, lyrics about the ups and downs of having fun and hanging out, and numeral-abusing track titles Prince probably wishes he'd conceived (“Ready 2 Rip,” “Let's Pogo B4 U Gogo,” “Stoned 2 the Bone”). Housed on Pacific Northwest indie label Dirtnap Records (one of the smartest band/label tandems ever), Mean Jeans practically emits sweat and cheap beer through the speakers.

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