Meat Beat Manifesto: Show Preview

You know those sequences in movies and TV shows where a character is brainwashed by being forced to watch a bunch of seemingly unconnected clips flickering by at hyper-speed? Well, Jack Dangers probably loves those random montages. More than 20 years after instituting Meat Beat Manifesto, the linchpin of the U.K.-bred, S.F.-based arty electronic project now purposely designs his music to accompany bizarre video collages. Last October's Answers Come in Dreams purposely maintains a more minimalist bent than 2008's Autoimmune so Dangers can flesh out the sonics with onstage audio and video splicing. MBM's resulting shows are dizzying, dreamlike affairs intent on overpowering the senses, with clips from talking-head programs, sci-fi flicks, and dozens of other sources invoked without explanation. The sum experience presages some nightmarish future doomed by technology and grave human error, making it especially appropriate that Meat Beat contributed to The Matrix soundtrack.

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