Metal Detectors at Nightclubs? S.F. Entertainment Commission to Discuss Police Proposal Tuesday Night

The San Francisco Entertainment Commission will discuss a list of safety proposals from the SFPD tomorrow night that includes mandating metal detectors, ID checks, and surveillance cameras at local entertainment venues.

Yikes! But entertainment commissioner Jocelyn Kane says there's almost zero chance that any of the proposed rules will be approved tomorrow.
“This is a request. This is nothing other than, 'Let's talk about this,'” she says.
The rules, which were originally proposed last year, include requiring all patrons to pass through metal detectors and have their IDs scanned. Kane said these are part of a package of safety improvements recommended for entertainment venues by the police department, and that the legal and privacy implications of them have yet to be worked out.
“The assumption that you need these things to operate isn't something that everyone agrees to,” Kane says.

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