MF DOOM Fucks SF?: WTF Went Down, Bay Area?

UPDATE: Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Doom Does It Again!

Comments are coming in saying Doom stood up the crowd at his make-up date last night at the Independent. Does anyone have more info?

I hear refunds are being offered?

For those new to the thread: MFDOOM's live reputation has hit a new low after a month of lip syncing, missed dates and other bullshit. Read on below for more info.

09.9.07: More news on the Doom Lip syncing front. (If you aren't up to speed, read the comments below.) The Village Voice just printed this article stating that:

Even club co-owner Allen Scott doesn't seem entirely sure what happened. “I watched the show, but I didn't see him personally,” he says. “He walked [into the building] with his mask on—that's how he always does it. I can't say for certain whether it was him or not.”


Doom's Los Angeles–based agent, Jason Swartz, says concerns for the MC's health cut the tour short. Though he wouldn't go into specifics for the Voice, the Independent's Scott recalls that Swartz “said it was some sort of circulatory problem, where his feet were swollen.”

Swartz insists, however, that Doom really took the stage in San Francisco.

“He performed in L.A., he performed in New York, and he was totally at the show [in San Francisco],” he says. Asked if Doom was lip-synching, he says he doesn't know, adding, “But he's never done that before. There's rumors about this artist all the time. The guy wears a mask. He's an elusive character. He never does merch, he never signs autographs, he never does an encore. That's just his style. He's a comic-book character of a rapper. In a world where hip-hop has gotten so boring, it's nice that he has a style that he sticks to that's not boring.”

Link to full Village Voice 'Madvillian to Milli Vanilli' story.

8/16/07 We just got this email:

People who may care-

Last night MF Doom gave a big F-you to fans in San Francisco. After

keeping us w

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