Mistah F.A.B. on Today's New Album and the Return of Music for Regular People

Today Bay Area rap veteran Mistah F.A.B. is releasing a street album comprised of all original songs entitled I Found My Backpack. Headed up by the soulful, self-motivating single “Quest,” the project sees the one-time hyphy talisman making music that reflects on a tumultuous period of his life, capped by his mother passing away just a month ago. Fueled by a recent vow to create music that emphasizes the positive and is relatable for the “regular person,” we caught up with Fabby Davis Jr. to talk about maturing as an artist, reacting to negative fan feedback, and how to snag an invite to Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion.

Please Note: Tomorrow's (Jan. 19) birthday party for Mistah F.A.B. at Mezzanine has been canceled.

Your birthday party is on this Wednesday, January 19th. (It's not! See above.) How old will you be?

You should never ask a man his age — how rude, ha ha! Nah, I'm actually turning 28.

What can people expect at the party?

Coming out, you'll see a lot of smiling faces, a great aura, and get to feel that love. Ever since I was a kid I always threw big birthday parties — the purpose is to just give people entertainment, let people come out and hang and chill.

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