Mixtape Challenge: How Long Can You Listen to the Beastie Boys Go “OOOOoOOOo?”

Fairly few mixtapes entertain, point out a musical trend, and ask interesting questions of their listeners at the same time. But, over at Uptown Almanac, Serg and DJ Hunnicutt have just posted a mixtape that does both of those. It's called “oooOOOoooOOOooo…” (The Mixtape), and it consists of rhymes from songs that use a sample of the Beastie Boys' “The New Style.”

So where's the question? Well, see, the thing is more than 36 minutes long. That's a really long time to be listening to the Beastie Boys' go “ooooOOOoooOOo.” A really long time. Long enough for the whole thing to be kind of a challenge to see how long you can listen. But it's kind of amazing how many songs use a sample of that song, and the mix sounds pretty good. Check it out after the jump.

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