Mojowijo Lets Users Turn Their Wii Remotes Into Vibrators for Virtual Sex

Virtual sex, along with flying cars and spandex body suits, are one of the staples of the future oft-predicted by science fiction movies. (Demolition Man, anyone?) And thanks to an enterprising company called Mojowijo that turns Wii remotes into vibrators, we may all be one step closer to having sex without all that fussy touching.

From the Mojowijo website:

The device is attached to the accessory port on a Nintendo Wii*

remote control. The control is then connected to a bluetooth enabled PC

running Mojowijo software. Using Mojowijo's patent pending Motion2Vibration

technology, the device is able to transform the varying motions of the

control into appropriate vibration signals and send them to another

selected device – in the same room or over the internet. (Wii gaming

console NOT required). Essentially turning your Wii remotes into

shared, remote controlled vibrators (aka wii vibrator or wiibrator!)

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