Monday Morning Hangover: Fighting and Loving

Most weekend's in this city are all about love (or sex, at any rate) and this weekend was no exception, aside from the knock-down drag-out fights. Pro-Wrestling Revolution's Lucha Libre enthralled a crowd of about 200 people with a no-holds-barred spectacle of flying fists and spandex clad bodies. But all the brawling was for a good cause: the event was raising money for John O'Connell High School. Check out shots of the death-defying fights in Joe Schell's Lucha Libre Revolution.

The girl's of Hubba Hubba Revue are lovers, not fighters, and they, too, performed for an excited crowd at their Caravan themed night. Bask in their saucy retro glow in Richard Haick's Hubba Hubbaa Review Caravan-tastic!.

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