Mono: Show Preview

Post-rock isn't a genre where much changes — both within the style's fundamental sound and the post-rock scene at large — but Mono's music is as strong an argument as any for throwing on some cans and zoning out anyway. Since 1999, the Tokyo four-piece has unfolded soft-soft-loud landscapes overflowing with pensive earnestness. It can pull off the regular rock-band dynamic as comfortably as it can synchronize with other musicians, as the group did for a 2010 New York City performance with the 24-piece Wordless Music Orchestra. On a brass-tacks basis, Mono's instrumentals don't strike emotional notes too differently from other post-rock notables like Explosions in the Sky or Red Sparowes, but the group's epics still carry enough gravitas and spectacle to make the soul swoon.

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