Morris Day Reflects on The Time, and Getting Away From Prince's Grip on His Band's Name

There may be no cooler place to be in San Francisco at 11:11 p.m. this Friday (11/11/11) than watching Morris Day and the Time perform at Mezzanine for the 10-year anniversary of Funk Fest. Original dance craze perpetrators (and Purple Rain villains) Day, Jellybean Johnson, and Monte Moir will instruct on the finer points of “The Bird,” “The Oak Tree,” and, of course, “Jungle Love.”

After 21 years, Day reunited with the Time's original members (including the hit-making producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis), and recently released the album Condensate under the moniker the Original 7ven, a tribute to the Jackson 5ive spelling. The sound is classic, but the topics are contemporary, as in the Twitter-referencing single “#Trendin.”

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