Mother Falcon: Show Preview

Logistics-wise, life as a touring band can't be too easy, since any successful group has to repeatedly accommodate the needs of multiple people at once. With 22 members — a number that constantly fluctuates based on need and availability — making Mother Falcon work must be a special kind of nightmare. Drawing its moniker from a corruption of the iconic Die Hard line “Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!,” the Austin group uses a bevy of traditionally classical instruments — cello, violin, bassoon, etc. — to create chamber-pop tunes that are much more lean and focused than you'd think given the number of hands involved. Mother Falcon operates with a purposeful open-mindedness, too: Performers regularly move in and out, writing their own portions when they aren't learning parts from others, and the group is also the centerpiece of Mother Falcon's Music Laboratory, a multiday workshop geared toward collaborating on musical concepts with whoever wants in. It's a fitting turn, considering the band itself came to life as a jam session.

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