Motorhead Plays One Note for an Hour at the Warfield


Valient Thorr
February 2, 2011

Better than: People less inherently amusing than Lemmy Kilmister playing one note for an hour.
Okay, fine, so it wasn't just one note. There were two or three others thrown in there sometimes. A few meager attempts to spice up the roughly hour-long set that drew legions of black-clad and bearded Metal Dudes and their (black-clad and almost uniformly attractive) Metal Chicks to the Warfield last night. But Motorhead played one note in spirit. 
The note was Lemmy Kilmister, the only consistent member of this iconic heavy metal outfit, now as much an artifact in the museum of rock history as an organic, living thing. The note was a blistering tempo. It was the punching-in of some astoundingly basic power-chord progression. It was Lemmy growling incomprehensibly about gambling, dying, losing, fucking, and being more badass than you. It was the guitarist machine-gunning high-pitched notes for about 30 seconds two-thirds of the way through every song. It was the approximately 17-foot-tall riser upon which the double-kick drumset sat. It was also the thirty-minute drum solo that pounded down from said riser.

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