MP3 of the Day: New Scissor Sisters Track “Invisible Light”

What I assume is the cover of the new Scissor Sisters record, Night Work, visible on the group's Web site, is pretty awesome. Who doesn't love a close up photo of a tight ass in sweatpants? No one, that's who. 
The album comes out June 28, and the first single, “Invisible Light” continues my personal theme this week of hearing Pink Floyd in new pop music. The vocals sound like Roger Waters before the single opens up into more familiar ABBA territory on the chorus…and then there's a creepy Vincent Price “Thriller” moment with a baritone voice talking about babylon and laser gazes and sailors and sexual gladiators. 

Scissor Sisters are only offering “Invisible Light” for a day, so if you want a streaming teaser, hit their Web site in the next 24 hours. 
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