Mudhoney: Show Preview

Who'd have thought the Superfuzz Bigmuff buzz would last so long? Twenty-five years after Mudhoney's sludgy sarcasm set the tone for a powderkeg Seattle grunge scene, the band is still stammering out biting lyrics, still writing earworm hooks, still stomping hard on the distortion pedal after which its first EP was named. Mudhoney's ninth album, Vanishing Point, rails against critics' darlings and milquetoast creatives on “Chardonnay”; sings (shouts, really) the praises of low expectations on “I Like it Small”; and pretty much always sounds like it was made by a basement of longhairs half the age of original members Mark Arm, Steve Turner, and Dan Peters. (Guy Maddison replaced original bassist Matt Lukin in 2000.) With its novel blend of blues and brutality, Mudhoney essentially became the first Seattle grunge band. If the members continue at this pace and temperament, they'll probably also be the last.

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