Mummies: Show Preview

In the long, loud, freak-studded history of Bay Area garage rock, the Mummies have hollowed out a special place. Founded in S.F. in 1988, this four-piece took stripped-down, amped-up guitar pop to heights of volume, satire, and obnoxiousness, coining the phrase “budget rock” to describe its music. The band members appear onstage dressed head-to-toe in tattered Ace bandages, so you can't see their faces. They use incredibly shitty instruments. They disdain any kind of modern technology, issuing CD-hating blurbs in their liner notes and maintaining a no-Twitter, no-Facebook policy on their website. (Although they've since allowed their only album, Never Been Caught, to be reissued on digital disc.) Though the band's original tenure ended in the early '90s, it's simply too uniquely annoying (and awesome) to end.

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