My Top 10 Favorite Albums of 2010, Starring Ty Segall, Flying Lotus, and Some Dude They Call Yeezy

The tussle of 2010, for me, was wrestling with albums that I loved, but which lacked that elusive quality of “importance,” and records that felt fresh and ambitious and exciting, but weren't the kind of thing you want to listen to all the time. This list, then, is a compromise: the top five (after the jump) are all albums that ranked high on both hierarchies, while the bottom five are a mix of the deliriously enjoyable along with records that seemed to help forward the style and cause of pop music in 2010. Here we go:

A musical snuggie for the shoegaze set, this 10-song wash of melancholy and reverb was the year's coziest soundtrack to a chill anything. I don't quite understand this record's seductive appeal, but repeated listens have taught me never to discount the endlessness of it.

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