Myron & E: Show Preview

Myron Glasper and his collaborator, E, met and started playing together while touring with Bay Area rap juggernaut Blackalicious. But the music on their Stones Throw debut album, On Broadway, looks much further back than backpack hip-hop. This is an old-time R&B vocal duo, the songs spiked with reverb-drenched guitars, funky bass lines, and aching refrains — even a few saccharine string-section interludes. As stylish as they are soulful, Myron & E are building a name for themselves as local members of their L.A. label's growing stable of neo-R&B acts. They haven't quite made an impact in their home region yet, but look for that to change. Songs like the softly melancholy title track and the effortlessly muscular “Do It Do It Disco” are too fun to be ignored.

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