NARIP Presents Music and Advertising Seminar @ SFSU

Music is only one part of the music business. The other part, of course, is business, and a big part of that business revolves around how artists are marketed. With that in mind, the National Association of Recording Industry Professionals, or NARIP for short, is offering a one-day seminar on “Music in Advertising: Selling In, Not Selling Out.” The event, which promises to be a chance to soak up game on “matching bands with brands,” features a panel discussion with Jeff Daniel of Rock River Music and Jason Zada, founder of EVB. The PR blurb gives an indication of what's to be discussed: “Once taboo, brand associations and advertising are embraced by today's savvy recording artists and their reps to increase exposure to their music and advance their careers. Such recent associations include Madonna with The Gap, Feist with Apple, Goldfrapp with Target, Prince with Verizon and Rihanna with Cover Girl.” It happens tonight at SF State at 7 p.m.; details are here  and here.

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