Nef The Pharaoh Drops A New, Highly Relatable Track: “BMD” (for “Baby Mama Drama”)

It appears as if E-40 protege, Nef The Pharaoh, has a knack for making relatable songs. First, we got “Big Tymin',” a playful, braggadocio-heavy song about, well, being the shit, and then we got “Big Chang Chang,” the lead single off his second EP, Neffy Got Wings, which is also about being the shit. Okay, so maybe his lyrics aren't that deep — and he definitely has a penchant for boastfulness — but at least now the 21-year-old Vallejo rapper is switching it up with his newest release, “BMD.”

[jump] “BMD” stands for “Baby Mama Drama” and there's no denying that it's not a relatable topic. Over a buzzy, piano-laced produced by Cardo, Nef dishes on the beef he has going on with his baby mama, who, though not stated in the song, is definitely no longer dating Nef. The rapper talks about how she claims he doesn't support his son and how she disses him and then looks for sympathy. Perhaps the best line is when he states, “I never should let this alien set foot in my space ship.” 

Like all of Nef's songs, this is a bouncy, upbeat track that, despite the serious subject matter, could easily be swapped into a DJ's playlist without ruining the mood of the crowd. 

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