Neko Case in Good-Weird Magazine

As I squint out over the net waves for any sign that Neko Case will come back to me, hopefully to reprise the loving four nights she performed for me at Bimbo's in '06, I find this instead: Esopus, a magazine (print!) about the creative process. Which obviously could be a big pile of suck, but isn't.

The annual publication includes a CD called Good News, on which musicians write songs about anything they consider to be good news. You can listen to some of it on the site. Neko's contribution, written and recorded with New Pornographer Carl Newman, is about the resurgence of ferrets in Kansas. It's got a bit of heavily reverbed Neko laughter on it which I'm pretty sure is a secret message from her to me saying “I love you too, fan! I remember the $50 heart-shaped box of chocolates you gave me at the Paramount in Oakland when I opened for Merle Haggard!”

Other musicians include Man Man, the Real Tuesday Weld, Busdriver, and Gowns. Go out thee, and purchase at an independent bookstore this good cultural product, which includes items of interest other than Neko Case, such as the truly genius photography of Dulce Pinzón. –Hiya Swanhuyser

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