Neon Indian's Alan Palomo on Why Chillwave Is Old, and Why His Live Show is Like a Cover Band

We had a quick chat with Neon Indian's Alan Palomo ahead of his performance this Sunday at SF Weekly's All Shook Down Music Festival. (Which, coincidentally, is the day after Palomo's 22nd birthday.) Palomo told us why Neon Indian's live show is like a Neon Indian cover band, which Scandinavian city the next Neon Indian album may be recorded in, and why you shouldn't consider Palomo an introvert, even if his music is made in the bedroom.

How do you describe the Neon Indian sound — and do you squirm at being thrown under the chillwave umbrella?

That's always been kind of a tough thing to define. I know that plenty of Internet entities and publications have taken every liberty to do that for me. It always just kind of seemed like psychedelic electronic tape music. I didn't necessarily think of it as being something new. The Internet has a really nasty habit of wanting to put things under a microscope and write as if things are just now happening.

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