Nerf Herder: Show Preview

Lyrics-wise, any song by Santa Barbara–based pop-punk act Nerf Herder is bound to be one of two flavors. The first possibility is that it's of the unashamedly goofy and sexual sort. Examples of this type include “I Got a Boner for Christmas,” “Fight for Your Right to Masturbate,” and “Courtney Love,” the latter of which focuses on its namesake's part in The People vs. Larry Flynt. (“I have to say it made me woozy/When you fucked Woody Harrelson in the Jacuzzi.”) On the other hand, the track could be really sober — an insecure, crestfallen reminder of Nerf Herder's status as a self-avowed nerd-rock band. “Second Best” evinces this approach: “Feelin' humble, just like Barney Rubble/I'm just a part of someone else's show.” This tonal flip-flopping brings up a tough quandary: if you see Parry Gripp and company at a show, is it proper etiquette to give them beers and high fives or consolatory pats on the back?

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