New Devendra Record, Made in Bolinas, Out Soonish

Devendra Banhart was holed up in the bohemian beach town of Bolinas for the summer, making his next record with Paul Butler of Band Of Bees (now just called The Bees).They took up residence in a private home and set to work on What Will We Be, an album that includes producer Noah Georgeson, Greg Rogove of Priestbird, Luckey Remington of the Pleased, and Rodrigo Amarante of Little Joy.

The upcoming release is said to be a mellow affair, dotted with references to R&B, Latin music, and Roxy Music (the latter with a S.F.-referencing song title, “16th & Valencia, Roxy Music.”

No specific date for when you can get a copy of What Will Be, but the disc should be out “by the end of the year,”  aka some time in the next three months.

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