New Hole Single: A Fuck You to Trent Reznor

The latest Hole single off the upcoming Nobody's Daughter, “Samantha,” includes all that early Courtney Love rage in the chorus. What starts as a power ballad about a girl who wants to “wrap her legs around this world” takes a sharp turn as Love yells, “People like you fuck people like me/in order to avoid suffering.” In case you're wondering which of Love's army of enemies those lines are aimed at, she already informed us back in Austin earlier this month. At a daytime Spin party, Love dedicated Hole's performance of “Samantha” to “Trent Reznor in 1995,” adding for good measure that he could stick that up his ass.
Like many things Courtney Love, you wish she could just stay focused enough to use that semi-comic, all-caustic anger and aggression for something musically powerful. Instead, as you can hear here, “Samantha” loses its punk energy in the more self-pitying, radio-friendly parts. The best moments in this single come when she mixes self-loathing with being really fucking pissed: “If you were on fire, I would just throw kerosene/Because that's how much I hate/hate what you have seen in me.”
Check out the streaming version of the song, and if you have thoughts on this single, Trent vs. Courtney, or Hole in 2010, post them in the comments section below. 
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