Newworldaquarium and Octo Octa Show Digital DJing Done Right

Underground party with Newworldaquarium and Octo Octa

A Warehouse

Saturday, April 5, 2014

“The reason we can appreciate figure skating is not necessarily because of the tricks themselves, but rather the fact that the skater might lose their footing and eat shit at any moment. Hitting those triple Lutzes and Axels while simultaneously avoiding danger is the appeal.”

Of everything I learned in college, this quote has always stuck with me. One of my professors was very much into this idea of art and danger. In dance music, I've always used this quote to explain my preference for vinyl DJing. Playing with vinyl (and to some extent CDs) is an art form that has a kind of danger: There's no digital handholding in the mix. But while it's easy to focus on the manual dexterity required for beatmatching, the real difference is in the song selection. With vinyl, you're limited. You have to spend a significant amount of time selecting tracks before a gig. This process forces a kind of focus and thinking that's very hard to replicate if you're able to bring every song you own to every gig. Nine times out of 10, I find that I enjoy sets on vinyl more. Surprisingly though, last Saturday evening offered a look at digital DJing done right.

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