Nick Waterhouse: Show Preview

Singer-guitarist Nick Waterhouse is only in his late 20s, but if you judge this musician by his output and the influences he's dropped in interviews, he sounds four decades older. The Huntington Beach-bred, L.A.-based Waterhouse trades in smooth, swaggering 1960s-style R&B that sounds like a gem rescued from a dust-covered stack of old vinyl. If you doubt his commitment to this old-school aesthetic, check out the video for “I Can Only Give You Everything” off his 2012 debut full-length, Time's All Gone. The clip is rendered in the kind of black-and-white that makes you think of a time when color motion pictures were still a novelty. If you still need more proof of his aesthetic allegiances, consider that he once said, “In my brain, my record is halfway between like a Mel Torme or a Mark Murphy record and a Kings of Rhythm record,” referencing a '40s and '50s jazz artist, a still-active '60s and '70s jazz singer, and an R&B outfit from the '50s, respectively. He's an old soul, indeed.

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