Nikka Costa: Show Preview

Well before British divas Adele and the late Amy Winehouse scored critical and commercial success for their takes on retro R&B, fiery American soul siren Nikka Costa had already blazed her own distinctive trail through vintage sounds. Costa first made herself known in the states with the update of Sly Stone-influenced funk on her 2001 U.S. debut Everybody Got Their Something, a collection coproduced by Winehouse collaborator Mark Ronson five years before the global domination of Back to Black. Despite several solid releases, and endorsements from people like Prince and Lenny Kravitz, Costa remains a cult phenomenon. The singer's latest effort, Pro*Whoa, dials back the analog grit heard on her 2008 album Pebble to a Pearl for a more modern electro-pop sheen, but Costa will still likely deliver a soul-baring performance echoing early '70s Tina Turner.

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