NIMBY Grand Re-Opening Party on Saturday

After an accidental fire got them booted from their former warehouse, the NIMBY East Bay artist workshop/collective was forced to relocate. Several months (not to mention many thousands of dollars) later, the crew has finally set up shop in their new location at 8410 Amelia Street in East Oakland. That means it's time for a party. Among the live performers at this Saturday's shindig are Sesame Street metalheads Cookie Mongoloid, post-punk howlers Turks, the Cyclecide house band Los Banos, all-female metallistas Binky, industrial DJ Caine, bike dancers the Dérailleurs, and more. (Disregard the multiple misspellings on the flyer. —>) The event starts “at dark,” with an official sunset time just shy of 6 p.m., and the entry charge is a
minimum $10 donation. It should be a good old-fashioned Bay Area freakshow in a new-fangled location, so pile into the Family Truckster and head on over.


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