No Joy: Show Preview

What do you picture when you think of a song called “Hawaii”? Is it piña coladas on the beach, the pleasant strums of a ukulele, or warm water and ample sunlight plucked from your chillest daydreams? Well, No Joy won't be having any of that. For “Hawaii,” on its 2010 debut Ghost Blonde, the Montreal outfit maps out a ragged, sand-through-the-fingers hook, which it then proceeds to bury in muddy distortion. Although “Hawaii” initially sounds like nothing you'd associate with the 50th state, it's not hard to visualize the song as a monstrous Oahu wave rising to its apex, about to slam forward and swallow any stray humans whole. No Joy originally launched its rueful shoegaze to stave off the winter blues, so it's a bit puzzling why the band's nod to the Aloha State turned out so dark.

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