Nobunny and Shannon and the Clams Cover the Greats for Halloween at the New Parish


Nobunny (as “Zombunny,” performing a variety of punk Halloween covers)

Shannon and the Clams (as The Misfits)

Audacity (as The Adolescents)

Uzi Rash (as The Doors)

October 26, 2012

The New Parish

Better than: Being haunted by the ghost of G.G. Allin.

The Halloween cover show has become as much a staple of the East Bay rock 'n' roll scene as denim jackets, Tecate, and shows that start way later than they're supposed to. the New Parish is inherently Halloweenish, with its exceptionally dim lighting and cavernous structure. On Friday, a man in a ghost costume — a sheet with two holes — came onto the stage and read supernatural-themed jokes to the audience before introducing each band. “What was the mummy's favorite musical genre? Wrap music!” Over the course of the evening, the audience grew increasingly vocal about its collective disdain for these jokes.

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