Noise Pop: DIIV and Wax Idols Play to the Talkers at Brick and Mortar, 3/2/13


Wax Idols



March 2, 2013

Brick & Mortar Music Hall // Noise Pop 2013

Better than: Watching bands rest on their laurels.

Full of moonlighting indie aficionados discussing an Animal Collective EP, Beach House's live set, or tweeting not-so-clever commentary on the between-set music selection, the eager Noise Pop crowd was more enthused by conversation than music during the sets of Wax Idols and Sisu on Saturday night. Wax Idols' transformation from a shambolic garage outfit to austere post-punk quartet left the crowd cold. Sisu's songs veered between electro-damaged atmospherics and pop chord progressions, but the combination felt unnatural, and the audience was hesitant to emotionally invest.

Judging by the show, indie rock's new presentation is more like early-'80s Manchester than French New Wave. Perhaps the stark ensembles writhing about the stage alienated the crowd. At a glance, even the merchandise table looked like the drab concrete outside: a big gray palette with shadows casting angles.

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