Noise Pop “Dodges a Bullet” When Early-Morning Fire Breaks Out at Their Offices

Just two weeks before the opening of their 2009 festival, Noise Pop narrowly averted a major catastrophe when a fire broke out at their offices, located at 2180 Bryant Street. According to Noise Pop's Bill Rousseau, the fire began just before 5 a.m. Tuesday morning, most likely caused by antiquated wiring dating back to the 1940s and a blown fuse box. The building's property manager, who had stopped by to do some work, smelled smoke and called 911. Rousseau, who had been alerted by his alarm company, arrived on the scene just after 5:30 to find six fire trucks, two hook-and-ladder cars, and “about a dozen guys with chainsaws and axes” in the process of putting out the blaze.

In an email sent out to staffers, Noise Pop's Chris Appelgren says, “Basically we were really lucky. There was minimal damage to our stuff here in the office. Our merch might be a little smoky smelling, but for the most part, we survived with things intact, though in need of a good cleaning.” Though Rousseau notes with irony that “most of the damage was done by the Fire Department,” he's grateful for their efforts: the fire, he says, was about half an hour away from getting out of control, according to the building's owner, a former firefighter. “Right now our office smells like a campfire,” Rousseau says, but he's not complaining. “We dodged a major bullet,” he says with obvious relief.


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