Noise Pop Q&A: Best Coast

Best Coast is one part Bethany Cosentino, and one part Bobb Bruno. Add a sea-salty breeze, some Los Angeles summer rays, and cover it with lo-fi reverb–then let it chill–and you have their sound. This blissful-pop duo has been sweeping the indie scene with their endless 7″ single releases, and a debut album is in the works. 

Cosentino credits Fleetwood Mac and Phil Spector as influences. Paired with her diary-entry lyrics, dripping with tales of boys and brats, getting high and breaking up, it's no wonder Best Coast is bringing out the teen dreamer in many of us.

On the eve of Best Coast's Noise Pop show tonight with Harlem at Cafe du Nord, Cosentino filled us in on the band's latest adventure up the coast with pals Vivian Girls, her favorite SF record store, and getting in touch with her Italian roots.

You just got back from your first West Coast tour. How was it? Any highlights?

Bethany Cosentino: It was really fun. The Vivian Girls are awesome. They're good friends of mine, so it was fun going on tour with a band you really like, who happen to be your friends as well. The weirdest thing that happened on tour was that Ali, the drummer of Vivian Girls, and I both got food poisoning in San Francisco. Then we drove to Portland the next day, which is an insane drive. So, she and I were just in the back seat with our hands over our stomachs. It was just the most uncomfortable, awful situation.

What do you look forward to most when you get to San Francisco?

BC: This really awesome record store called Rooky Ricardo's. My friend told me about it–I had never heard of it before. We did this Pitchfork interview and the guy asked if there was any place we wanted to film it, so we drove over to Lower Haight, but the store was closed. We ended up getting breakfast across the street and ran into the owner. He opened the store for us, gave us a tour, and told us all this history about the store. He was honestly the nicest guy ever. [Going to Rooky Ricardo's] is my new favorite thing to do when we're there. [page]

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