Notes On a Funk Revolution

Having just spent the past three nights at Yoshi's SF for the “We Got the Funk” series–featuring emerging neo-funksters Punk Funk Mob, Bnai Rebelfront, and Greg Scott–I've come to some realizations.

Funk is forever
. While classic funk lives on via '70s reissues, old-school funk fests, and occasional KBLX play, there's a perception that hip-hop killed funk, or that the music died when platform shoes and two-story Afros went out of style. Nope. That's just not the case. There will always be a need for funky music–sounds which speak to one's inner starchild–and the funk template has already lent itself not just to hip-hop, but neo-soul, nu-Afrobeat, house, and other genres, subgenres, and microgenres.

There's a new generation of funk. If nothing else, “WGtF” made this perfectly clear. It's all well and good to have nostalgia for classic Isaac Hayes, James Brown, or Ohio Players tunes, but don't spend too much time looking in the rear-view mirror of nostalgia. You might miss something fresh and new.

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