Openers: Bands Worth Showing Up Early For This Week

​This isn't the kind of week where you need to worry about smelling of sweat, booze, and reckless abandon in front of your boss every single morning. But some excellent acts will grace S.F. stages in the next few days, and with them a hearty selection of openers. So slide out of the office, shoot your Jimmy Beam, and do whatever else you gotta — just get there early for:

Wednesday: Blood and Sunshine with Lime Colony and Passenger and Pilot at Bottom of the Hill. If you've ever thought electro-pop and shoegaze could use a boost of Memphis groove and soulful vocals, San Francisco duo Blood and Sunshine play for you. James Brennan and Joseph Macrino lay down taut R&B rhythms with modern tools, then layer thick gospel and soul melodies over their the beats for more in-your-face spirit than most electro-pop duos bother with. Intimate numbers like the Tom Waitsian ballad “Cigarettes and LSD” show these boys aren't all big-sound swagger, either.

Thursday: Fake Drugs with Tempo No Tempo at Milk, and Friday with Starfucker, The Butterfly Bones and Silver Swans at Rickshaw StopDrake Fugs, the latest full-legnth by Portland's Fake Drugs, is a hipster-disco treat: booming, distorted disco beats, buzzing synth melodies, reverb-y guitar cuts, and hazily seductive and self-obsessed vocals. No colors the Faint weren't already reviving with more flamboyance (albeit less edge) in, like, 1999. But if you're heading to either of these shows, you'd better not miss them.

Friday: Christopher Willits with Johann Johannsson at Great American Music Hall. San Francisco's Willits melds guitar with out-there laptop wizardry and live electronics, painting beautiful, billowing atmospheres out of bleeps, licks, and backing tracks. Mostly instrumental, his extended pieces wander from spacey post-rock to free jazz and back — sometimes leaving a beautiful pop melody behind. Willits is playing Friday under his own name, but the ever-busy audiophile has a host of other collaborative projects also worth checking out.

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