Openers: Five Bands to Show up Early For This Week

Openers has spring fever this week — with so many so many excellent opening bands performing, we can't possibly pick one to recommend. Instead, here's a great opener for each night this week. Some of these shows are already sold out — it's pre-Coachella insanity here — and some acts listed are better than their headliners, but these are all worth showing up early for:

Tuesday: Micachu and the Shapes. Wild sonic adventures from the mischievous mind of Brit Mica Levi. She pasted her restless art-pop textures and loony ramblings together on Jewellery, one of the best (and most unique) albums of last year. With Spoon and Deerhunter at Fox Theater.

Wednesday: Bachelorette. Annabel Alpers recounts fear and longing in robotic tones and icy harmonies, illuminated by sunny keys or laser harpischords, and bouncing along to cheap retro beats. The music is remote and moody, but also rich and humane. With Beach House at Bimbo's.

Thursday: Delorean. The group is as silvery and futuristic as its namesake automobile seemed in Back to the Future. Elysian space-disco so bright and catchy you don't notice it slowly taking over your mind (and that of major label execs) as it repeatedly utters the command: Dance … and play this song again. With Miike Snow at The Independent.

Friday: The xx. Taught, sexy boy-girl duets inside spare, seductive beat-pop. This Brit trio's self-titled debut was easily a highlight of last year, and its last S.F. show managed to transmit every drop of its sweet, dreamy nothings to a properly adoring audience. With Hot Chip at the Fox theater.

Saturday: Sleigh Bells. The definition of noise pop. Girl vocals — at times sweetly melodic, at times shrill and screamy — over huge beats run through a hundred distortion pedals and brushed with a fuzzed-out guitar melodies. With Yeasayer at The Fillmore.

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