Outside Lands Adds a Marijuana Section

‘Grass Lands’ will debut at Outside Lands 2018, but deep in the weeds we see that you won’t be able to buy or smoke cannabis there.

A high-profile addition was just announced for next month’s Outside Lands festival, as a marijuana-themed Grass Lands area joins the event’s Beer Lands and Wine Lands sections to cater to cannabis connoisseurs. Grass Lands will include a cannabis farmers market, an army of budtenders, and what organizers call a chance to “embrace and engage” with cannabis — except that you cannot actually buy, smoke, or use cannabis anywhere at Outside Lands, including the Grass Lands area.


According to a press release, Grass Lands is a “brand new curated cannabis experience” that will act as a “Town Square that focuses on the celebration, education, and integration of cannabis products into daily life.” The release also says that “we invite you to stop by and enjoy sweet treats from The Confectionery, learn from ‘budtenders’ at The Greenhouse, and explore activities like the Lemonade Stand, The Flower Shop, Farmers Market, The Smell Wall and more.”

Except the sweet treats and lemonade will not be infused, the flower on hand will only be for viewing and smalling, and the budtenders cannot sell you any marijuana products. This is essentially a promotional ruse for 14 cannabis brands to set up display booths, but those brands do include some local favorites like the Barbary Coast dispensary, Jetty Extracts, Kiva Confections, and Flow Kana.

Organizers say there will be a “delivery service partner” to help you order pot once you leave the festival site.

Smoking is of course not legal in Golden Gate Park, and probably never will be again. But the Prop. 64 measure that legalized adult use also allows festivals to get licenses for onsite consumption, like what you see at various “cannabis cup” awards. It’s theoretically possible to hold an event at Golden Gate Park where guests could consume cannabis edibles and beverages, but events cannot legally sell both alcohol and cannabis on the same premises.

And alcohol is big business at Outside Lands.  Despite that lack of actual smokable weed, Grass Lands will still be a 21-and-over area.

As a reminder, Outside Lands is Aug. 10-12 at Golden Gate Park. This year’s full Outside Lands lineup includes headliners The Weeknd, Florence + The Machine, and Janet Jackson.

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