Outside Lands Day 1: Phish Ignites Golden Gate Park, MGMT Disappoints

Outside Lands Friday: Phish

Lotus, Foster the People, MGMT

August 12, 2011

@ Golden Gate Park

Better than: Any other foggy San Francisco afternoon.

In some way that must ring true for thousands of fans, Phish proves the existence of a cosmic justice in the music universe — most great bands and guitar players carry an aura about them of celebrity, of differentness, of something almost unreachable.

Phish, on the other hand, manages to shred up a storm yet still remain as uniconic and unromantic as possible — Trey Anastasio (guitar, lead vocals), Mike Gordon (bass, vocals), Jon Fishman (drums), and Page McConnell (keyboards) look like, in another life, they would work at an accounting firm with your brother-in-law. There's something comforting about knowing that the universe has bestowed its most impressive talents on guys who could easily be your neighbors, and would probably be much less cool than you if they weren't jaw-droppingly good musicians.

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