Outside Lands Day Two: Al Green, The Devil Makes Three, and A Mass of Humanity

Outside Lands Day Two 

Sunday, August 15, 2010 
Better than: watching bootleg videos of the gig on YouTube at home by yourself. 
Open-air music festivals are as much about atmosphere as they are bands. At Outside Lands Day Two, this meant The People — aka the plebs, the great unwashed, thousands upon thousands of our closest friends, etc. As all dedicated concertgoers know, the attitude of an audience sets the tone before the musicians ever hit the stage. In Golden Gate park yesterday, the crowd was so sunny, it didn't matter what the skies were doing. The People were beautiful, and we reveled in the collective humanity.

We knew we were getting into something good from the outset, when we met a girl fondling the pine-cone balls of a very large buffalo sculpted from the local shrubbery. Then there was the senior who shared her heavenly sweet-and-spicy homemade mango salsa, the toddler who spat her rice to the peppy rhythms of Phoenix, the pourers in the wine-tasting tent who hooked us up with six ounces of primo red for the price of four, and the guy who seduced us with a soulful chorus of the Al Green classic “Tired of Being Alone” while his homegirl swung her hips in time. These were the smiling strangers with whom we would spend the next seven hours eating, drinking, laughing, and dancing. The music was incidental.

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