Outside Lands, Day Two: More People and More Fun

The first thing we noticed about the second day of the Outside Lands festival was all the people. We're still waiting on official figures to back this up, but here are our impressions: On Saturday afternoon on the polo fields felt laid back, with blankets sporadically arranged and plenty of green in between. Enough wide-open space was found to keep games of frisbee going into Furthur's evening set. Sunday, however, the fields were saturated with people by 4 p.m. With a stage on either end of the huge arena, the conclusion of one band's show would set off a migration en masse to the other side of the field. And pity those who tried to move against the flow — that giant green was full of people.

The larger crowds didn't detract from the second-day Outside Lands experience — they may have even added to it. Gazing out over the fields during the main-stage sets of Phoenix, Kings of Leon, and the Temper Trap was kind of amazing. Phoenix, in particular, had a wide swath of the crowd waving and bouncing along to its hooky, groove-happy French indie-rock. The hundreds of arms waving during “1901” looked like tiny fingers vibrating out of a turf of humanity.

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