Pandora Predicts 25 Artists Who Will Make it Big in 2016

Today, the streaming radio service that is Pandora (ie: one of the company's responsible for uprooting the music industry and generating higher rent prices in Oakland), has released a list of 25 “Artists to Watch” in 2016. It's unclear how exactly they came up with their selections (the press release merely says they were “selected through a combination of Pandora's music industry expertise and data insights”), but it's interesting to check it out, nonetheless.

They've chosen artists across a broad range of genres, including rap, country, pop, electronic, rock and R&B, and we agree with a few of them. For instance, 22-year-old crooner Bryson Tiller's Dec. 8 show at the Regency Ballroom has been sold out for weeks now, if that's any indication of his forthcoming success. Some of the artist they've listed have been around for a while (like Ty Dolla $ign), whereas others, (like Post Malone) are not only newbies, but are so far simply one-hit wonders. Keep an eye and an ear out for these artists in the next year because, at least according to Pandora, you'll be hearing a lot from them. 

[jump] 1. BJ the Chicago Kid

2. Post Malone

3. WET

4. Cam

5. Ruth B. 

6. Bryson Tiller

7. Daya

8. Tory Lanez

9. Rudimental

10. Alessia Cara

11. Jess Glynne

12. Gallant

13. Lawrence Taylor

14. Dorothy

15. Hermitude

16. Ty Dolla $ign

17.The Struts

18. William Michael Morgan

19. Zhu

20. Roam

21. Blackbear

22. Hinds

23. Tor Miller

24. Jacob Whitesides

25. Conrad Sewell

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