Panic! at the Disco, Fun., and Funeral Party Rock a Sea of Tweens (and Their Parents) at the Warfield

Panic! at the Disco

Funeral Party


June 22, 2011

@ The Warfield Theater

[Editors' Note: We sent SF Weekly photographer Gil Riego Jr. to shoot and write about last night's Panic! at the Disco show. What follows is his unique account. See more of his photos from last night here. ]

Better than: Any other concert your mom attended with you as a kid. (The first concert that my mom took me to was Neil Diamond at the MGM in Las Vegas. That was pretty epic. I imagine that she would've thrown her bra onstage if our seats were better.)

“We're like Jack and Rose as the Titanic was sinking,” a fan screamed to her friend as her ribs were being crushed by the swaying fans behind her right before Panic! at the Disco took the stage. Pretty sure Jack and Rose didn't have their parents chilling in the back of the Titanic tossing down beers — like many young fans last night doubtless did — but her idea of how packed the Warfield was last night was clear enough.

The walls shook progressively louder and harder after every song played throughout the night. Funeral Party got everyone cheering and dancing along through its six-song set. As I shot pictures during its performance, I turned around and noticed about 20 heads bobbing up and down past the railing behind me. After my time in the photo pit, I fought my way out, nearly getting my camera bag stuck and left behind between two to three oblivious people. Once out, I enjoyed the rest of the Funeral Party's time onstage at a safe distance from the rapidly filling bottom floor.

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