Paul Kalkbrenner on Staying “Inspiration-less” and How Not To Name a Techno Track

German techno producer Paul Kalkbrenner doesn't consider himself a DJ. In fact, he doesn't really listen to other people's music, let alone play it. His choice to keep things 100-percent original has clearly worked out for him, judging by his ability to garner over 2.3 million fans worldwide, the success of his record label, and his sold-out tours. He's even the star of Berlin Calling, a German film chronicling the ups and mostly downs of being a DJ. And despite all this fame, the 36-year-old is just now embarking on his first solo U.S. tour. We spoke with Kalkbrenner about growing up in East Berlin, his process of developing tracks, and why he doesn't like to be called a DJ. He headlines Mezzanine this Sunday, Dec. 15.

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